Founded by a sought after Author, Editorial Designer, and Photojournalist, Elisha Scott in 2014, Elisha Scott Studio is a small independent editorial company but full of impact in this generation of influencers and entrepreneurs. Serving self-publishing and inspiring authors to release their message with power and purpose in high-quality excellence has been a major success in the industry of literary and visual arts. 


Behind the Scenes

A Lover, full of Wisdom. The story behind the Elisha Scott Studio Brand. 

“ If your can think it, you can do it “ - Elisha Scott

Elisha Scott is not only in business for herself. She is a lover and full of wisdom with a strong passion to see others grow to their highest potential. Since the age of seven years old, Elisha has been a natural writer and a visual artist to express her deepest thoughts. As she grew stronger in computer technology as a teenager in the early 2000's and other mediums such as graphic design, photography, videography and script writing, it burst in her such diversity to express herself to others and the world. In her life as a proud introvert prone to much alone time, her thoughts, visions and dreams are the portals of anything being possible to create.  

When Elisha Scott was called into the Kingdom of God, Elisha had no previous background in her family. It was a deep struggle not only to understand why she was called, but to understand her calling. This experience was all new to her. Elisha didn't fit into the typical church clergy nor did she fit the part to most organizations she was apart of. Elisha Scott was called to write and to visually express herself but there were no outlets. She was called to be an entrepreneur but very seldom were there opportunities in God's Kingdom for training. Elisha learned very early at sixteen years old in the world system from older business mentors. All she had with her was the holy spirit to guide her. Through various accounts of trusted mentors and advisors, Elisha began to slowly come into her own mold knowing that she was called not only into the Kingdom of God to spread his love and his wisdom, but to also win others in the realm of being broken free from the world's system and ministerial bondage and be released to the life of Business and Authorship; moving beyond the four walls of the ministry to be fishers and doers with the Love of God in them and his word.

Lady of Love! You are awesome smart intelligent and there is truly power of the pen. Your writings are prolific. And your style draws ppl to keep wanting more! You know you are anointed to write when you hold my attention - Danielle

Prophetic Decree

For Authorprenuers

I believe you will accelerate and move to the next level. God is doing a quick work in you. He will be a light unto your feet and a light unto your path. God is releasing ideas and wisdom like the flooding of the river. He is granting you strategy and blueprints sharp as an eagle with precision. God is preparing your pen to write great and marvelous things that will bless many in the kingdom of God. Just like in Proverbs 3:5-6: you will not lean to your own understanding but will trust in his wisdom, and he will make your paths straight. 

- Elisha Scott

Amazon's New TV Show " Rookies " Season 1 2018

You have an amazing eye!
— Yosiah L. Johnson - Actor

Love & Loyalty: Fashion Show & Book Signing 2018

I am very pleased!
— Tori D. -Author & Fashion Stylist

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