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Behind the Scenes

A Lover, full of Wisdom. The story behind the Elisha Scott Studio Brand.

She serves as a motivator, catalyst, and educator who inspires and charges other purpose-filled people to take their first leap.
— Na'Kole Watson, Editor

September 1, 2014 was a day that would forever change Elisha Scott’s life. 

She found herself with no job and no income.  She was facing homelessness.  She had no degree – as a matter of fact, she had dropped out of college.  The only thing she had was a vision from God.  There was no “Plan B”.  There were no backup investors.  There were no loan agents.  She had no idea what she was going to do, but she knew that God knew all.  It was on that day that Elisha started her business, Elisha Scott Studio, with an outdated laptop, WIFI and a phone.  She had to take the skills she learned while in school to start, and she continued to learn as she went along.  It was all or nothing… and she had too much to lose for “nothing” to be an option.  It took every ounce of faith Elisha had to put forth the courage and effort to launch out into the deep, but she can honestly say that she does not regret it at all.  Elisha believes that there is nothing like walking in your purpose and helping others to do the same.

Elisha is a lover of wisdom with a strong passion to see others grow to their highest potential.  Since the age of seven, she has used writing and visual art to express her deepest thoughts.  As she grew stronger in computer technology as a teenager during the turn of the century, she began to diversify her skills into the areas of graphic design, photography, videography and script writing.  As a proud introvert prone to much alone time, her visions and dreams are and have been the portals of anything being possible to create.

When Elisha was called into the Kingdom of God, she had no previous background of this sort in her family.  It was a deep struggle not only to understand why she was called, but to understand her calling.  This experience was new to her.  She didn’t fit into the typical church clergy mold, nor did she fit the mold of most of the organizations that she was a part of.  Elisha was called to write and to visually express herself, but there were no outlets.  She was called to entrepreneurship, but very seldom were there opportunities for training in the church space.  All she had was the Holy Spirit to guide her.  She learned very early how to apply the strategies of older business mentors in the secular system.    As she followed the leading of God and the counsel of trusted mentors, she began to slowly come into her own mold knowing that she was called not only into the Kingdom of God to spread His love and wisdom, but also to show others how to break free from the world’s system and ministerial bondage so that they can be released into the life of business and authorship. 

Elisha spends her days helping authorpreneurs and influencers who are inspiring the world one word at a time.  These amazing people aren’t just here to write books.  They are here to share their stories across a plethora of mediums that are used to bring awareness and education to specific groups, regions and nations.  She serves as a motivator, catalyst and educator who inspires and charges other purpose-filled people to take their first leap.  Once that leap is made, Elisha comes alongside each person to ensure that their stories are conveyed in a way that best represents who they are and the mission they are here to accomplish.  Her aim is to help as many people as she can to articulate and spread their messages as they continue to do meaningful work in their families, communities and beyond.

Elisha Scott helped in formatting and creating the cover art for my debut novel. Elisha also walked me through technical help as I established the online format of my book. It was a great experience and I will use the service again!
— Brandon C. Brown, Author

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